Tract Map 18642


Quality Homes retained FDC & Associates to prepare a lot layout study to subdivide 20 acres of vacant land into 79 lots, each with a 7200 sq. ft. minimum area. FDC & Associates coordinated the planning and feasibility of providing infrastructure to the project site. The infrastructure such as sewer, storm drain, and water facilities were analyzed by reviewing the City General Plan and meeting with city officials.

Project Location:

Parcel 1, 2,3

Dos Palmas Road & Braceo Street

Gerald Rauch

GBR Development Co.

11993 Magnolia Avenue Suite R

Riverside, CA.  92503

Reviewing Agency:

  • City of Victorville Planning Department
  • City of Victorville Public Works
  • City of Victorville Building and Safety

Key Components:

  • Tentative Parcel Map
  • Conceptual Grading Plan
  • Infrastructure feasibility