Kendall Hills Tract Map 17944


In collaboration with Kendall Hills Development LLC, FDC & Associates approved twenty condominiums on 4 acres of land. FDC prepared a conceptual package with a combination of detached, duplex, and triplex units. The combination of units was an important factor in maximizing the land use. The reduction of space between the units close to the hillside allowed our designers to provide amenities required for an upscale project. The Kendall Hills Design concept was borrowed from the most common architectural elements of Cantabria’s (a small City in Spain) architecture. These Spanish inspired homes feature low-pitched roofs, red roof tiles, arches, iron work and moldings, courtyards, and landscape trails that envelop the site and create a wonderful private community in the north section of San Bernardino, neighbor to Cal State San Bernardino University.

Project Location:


San Benardino, CA

Kendal Hills Development LLCWalter Bonnett

1207 W. Brooks Street

Ontario, CA 91762

Reviewing Agency:

  • City of San Bernardino Planning Department
  • City of San Bernardino Public Works
  • City of San Bernardino Building and Safety
  • City of San Bernardino Fire Department

Key Components:

  • Tentative Tract Map
  • Conceptual Architectural Plans and Site Layout
  • Conceptual Landscaping
  • Slope Analysis