Guzman Gifford Parcel Map 33725


FDC & Associates prepared and processed a Tentative Parcel Map through the City of Moreno Valley  to divide a 3.27 acre lot into 4 half acre lots. FDC & Associates was also retained to prepare architectural and structural plans for 4 custom homes, along with final engineering for the entire project.

Project Location:

Roxanne Rd & Gifford Ave.

Moreno Valley, CA

26896 Clayton Dr.Rene Guzman

Moreno Valley, CA  92555.

Reviewing Agency:

  • City of Moreno Valley Planning Department
  • City of Moreno Valley Public Works
  • City of Moreno Valley

Key Components:

  • Tentative Parcel Map
  • Final Engineering
    • Water Plans
    • Storm Drain Plans
    • Rough and Precise Grading Plans
    • Street Improvement Plans
  • Architectural Plans
  • Landscaping
  • Structural Plans